Girls, Why do I have this problem with many girls?

I have random girls approaching me and are nice and giggly or sometimes nervous in a good way.

I am a nice guy, a bit quiet/shy at times, a bit nervous around girls , but can be funny at times as well.

I hear girls and my friends say how girls find me attractive/ handsome/hot , but I get friend-zoned by girls.

They seem to be physically attracted to me, but no sexual attraction. That's the reason I think I get friend-zoned by girls.

So why girls never find me sexually attractive? POSSIBILITIES?


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  • no chemistry maybe.


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  • Because you lack confidence. And that is unattractive.

    Insecure guys are the WORST, because they're so needy and super prone to jealousy. So we avoid them like the plague.

    • Thanks :) To be honest I was a bullied case when I was in High School, for being Quiet, but stood up for what I believed in.

      It did leave scars in my life and I do lack confidence and I feel something is wrong since I only accumulate girls who are friends. Tough life ;)

  • You need to try be charming

  • Nice guys finish last. I know that sounds terrible but I know some girls who friend zone or dump guys because they were "too nice and shy". Honestly I find it stupid that some girls would think this way. If it was me I'd date you in a heartbeat Lol.

    • Thanks :) Do you mean being too nice or shy turns off the sexual attraction they initially have for me?

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