Would she text me this long if she wasn't interested?

Me and this coworker of mine have been on a date but I'm having trouble reading her still. We were texting the other day and the conversation went for about 3 and a half hours. We exchanged about 80 messages between us. There were times where the conversation could have ended but she kept it going.

Just out of curiosity would you text someone for that long you weren't interested in?


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  • Exactly like me and my (former) coworker crush. We still text and I've known her for a year and I quit the job two months ago.

    I wouldn't keep texting her if I wasn't interested lol. I don't really text anyone else...
    But, she hasn't replied to my text from last night yet, and usually she replies within 24 hours, so who knows what she's up to...

    • Oh I wish you the best man. She texts me back relatively quickly like within 3 minutes.

    • Haha thanks. Well, sometimes I'll text her, she'll reply within 24 hours, THEN we'll text for a few hours.

  • She's definitely interested, otherwise, she wouldn't have kept the conversation going for about three hours.


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