I love someone a lot please help?

I used to study with a guy in university. He was very ordinary in terms of looks but he was a good person. Let me tell you I am from a broken home. We were in a friends' group. When we chatted or talked, exchanged thoughts, I came to know he was a wonderful by heart and he was so positive. I never actually knew certain things which I learnt from him. I experienced a transformation and changed a lot. I actually felt I was dead before 25 years of my age. And actually I began to live my life after I fell in love with him and one day i went upto him and said to him that he was all whom I needed to walk in this life and I loved him, to which he respected but refused to marry me. He still a good friend of mine but obviously he doesn't love me. I am avery lonely person. My uni has ended and I miss all my friends and ofcourse him a lot. I am finding no way to be happy.


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  • To "put all your eggs in one basket" isn't healthy. Happiness is found by, for, and through yourself.


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  • you have to move on!


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