Stood up for a date?

I'm 22 years old and today was supposed to be my 1st ever date! Every girl I've asked out said no. My friend set me up with her friend and we were supposed to get dinner at 6pm. I was. Decius when she wasn't there and I convinced myself we were supposed to meet for 7. Once 7:30, came I finally admitted she's not showing up.

This girl texted me at 9:00 saying "hey, sorry about tonight, I heard this was your 1st date, I don't want to deal with an inexperienced guy at this age. Good luck." Do every girl think like this girl? Do I have a chance to finds a gf? I hope to get married and have kids!


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  • you'll find someone!


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  • Dude, been there, done that. I know it sucks. Listen, you need to start act like you're not a virgin. Drink alcohol. Hobbies don't work because girls just want dick. They don't give a shit about dating. You need to start acting like you've been with a million girls even though you're inexperienced. Innocence is something that the society is lacking.

    • When they say "you need to wait for the right girl, just give it some time" That's complete bullshit. They're just saying it because almost every girl don't want an inexperience guy. You need to do something about it or you're screwed.

    • I agree 100% with this

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