Why can't my dad or grandpa help me out ever?

I was going to start a lawn mower repair business at the beginning of the year and so I spent like 500 dollars on advertising and other little things to help get it going. I was going to try and get a few customers just to see how it was. Then the season started and of course my phone was blowing up with calls around march and then my brother got pissed off and wouldn't let me fix anything at the house cause he's paranoid even though he said so in the beginning, so basically I spent the whole winter planning this out only to have my nutty brother not let me even get anything started. In the beginning I wanted to start this business right where i rented a building and had people come to me to fix things. I had plenty of money saved up, but not enough to get the business going and I wasn't going to blow all of my savings since sometimes it can take a year or two for a business to get off the ground, but after a while the business will become profitable and grow. There isn't any competition cause they only have two shops in the whole area and they are swamped. I just don't get why my dad or my grandpa couldn't have helped me out some. My dad goes out and buys $60,000 cars, but he can't help his son out. I kind of agree with giving it a try before renting a building, but it's like I wasted all that time and effort only to have my brother not even let my work on anything at his house. One of the reasons for wanting to start this business was so I could stay out of the sun. Before this I had a small lawn care business, but I got tired of being outside all the time, so now i'm back to doing my lawn care business and listening to my dad bitch about how i'm going to get skin cancer just like him. I'm a very hard worker, but sometimes I just could use a little help and support. My brother helps me out by letting me live with him, but sometimes I feel like i'm just spinning my wheels all the time. What do you guys think?


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  • they just aren't very good people then.

    • You would think that someone who was willing to put in the time and effort of starting a business would deserve a little help? Hell I can pay them back, I just wanted enough to keep things going for a year so I could figure things out and get it all running smoothly,

    • I'm just very frustrated. sorry.

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