Does he like me?

so there's this guy and he goes to my church and were friends. we used to text a lot but some things happened and we don't anymore once we were playing this game and he said he loved me but that was like 6 months ago. another time his dad invited my family to a movie and already had plans so I couldn't go and the next time he saw me he asked why I wasn't there and said that He thought I would've liked it. A few weeks ago I caught him watching me sleep on the bus (is that creepy?) he also teases me a lot but not to the point where it's offensive because we share similar senses of humor. we're 15 by the way if that makes any difference. I kind of like this guy and I don't know if I just think he likes me because I want him to or if he actually does


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  • I think he might like you


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