Ages for Dating?

I was at this under 21 teen club Saturday night. I was dancing with his guy whom I've seen at the gym once before. He remembered seeing me as did I with him. He's 19 and I'm 17. What is your advice on dating someone older than you? I've never had a boyfriend but personally I would date someone only 3 years older than myself.


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  • I think it's all about personal choice. I refuse to date anyone younger than I for example. And I have dated up to six years older than myself. It's all about how comfortable you are. Of course, there are legality issues if you are underage (depending on where you live) So if you decide to date someone who is of legal age, definitely look into statutory rape laws from your area. An older partner can be incarcerated for something as small as kissing. And, while it might seem trite, talk to your parents, see what they are comfortable with, and what they will allow, because ultimately, if you aren't of legal age for that sort of thing, they are the ones who will press charges. (But then, you are 17, so I'm not sure if it applies to you)

    • Here in PA, 4 years is considered statutory rape. I've always talked to my parents and they agree that 3 years older than myself is good. But thank you for the advice. I like to get other views.

  • i think that's a good age when I first stated dating my boyfriend he was 18 and I was 15 going on 16 and now her 20 and I'm 18 so I think dating an older guy is good but personally I don't date if there older then 3 years from my age but ultimately its up to you in the end

    hope al works out well =]

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