I like this girl at church but I'm not sure how she feels about me any suggestions?

any good suggestions!


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  • Ask her out to a movie. Talk about the movies and all and just get to the points after she relaxes a bit

    • harray a good suggestion from GAG Thanks

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  • Try glancing at her often and see if she glances back. Usually that works for me to show that someone is interested. If I'm not then I ignore them. Try coming up to her and chatting, do it often and see how she reacts. Invite her and other youth to hang out or something. But usually you can tell a lot already by body language.


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  • You stop going to church. (you asked for suggestions)

    I dunno, go ask her out.

    • Only a fool would stop going to church. Even if the only reason for going is for the skirt it is still important to go.
      I asked for good suggestions.

    • I can get skirt elsewhere, preferably places where the women don't believe in grand sky-daddies.

      Good luck with that one.