What should I do? Stick in the friend zone?

We went to the movies where we held hands and cuddled. Then she was up for prolonging things by going for dinner. She said that we were just friends before we left but after she said we are somewhere between friends and a relationship. However, she has many guys who have their eye on her. She thought this one guy was annoying and intrusive.

However one day I was texting her and let it slip that I feared losing her. She then told me we are still just friends, the flirting was just "playing around", and that she is interested in dating the guy she previously thought was annoying. I asked her about him a few days later and she said she is just comfortable around him now but she doesn't think he's cool like some girls do. This guy doesn't sit right with me and most of my other friends. Especially me since he tried flirting with my mom! He wanted to take her joy riding and now even wants to take her to an amusement park that's 2 hours away with one of his friends and a hookup for that guy. Yet he has a son and about 4 "girlfriends" of his own and says he's not interested in her even though he follows her around and is now trying to sit next to her.

Meanwhile, she still gives me body language that says she likes me and still wouldn't mind doing stuff with me when she isn't busy. I even asked her to save me a seat and she said sure. I want to make sure the other guy can't get close to her. Despite everything we've done she's not comfortable around me. What should I do?


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  • Being honest I think you should find a girl you can be with (and who wants to be with you exclusively), and who doesn't have so many complications.

    The girl you're describing here really doesn't sound worth the effort. I think when you find a more reliable girl you'll look back on these experiences with a bit of regret.

    Let this girl spend her time with the guy who hits on moms and has four girlfriends, then after the inevitable collapse you can be there for her as a friend and confidante.

    Good luck.


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