I can't make my mind about dating or being In a serious relationship?

I just got out of a really bad break up 10 months ago with my ex fiancée/daughter's father. I was in love but he got so brainwashed he thinks I was taking advantage of him, okay I moved one. Since then I've been dating a lot and even have a Friend with Benefit. I don't feel ready for a relationship, I'm scared of the whole serious thing now! I'm dating a guy about two moths ago we both both working on our career, he's sweet and nice caring; our office is sort of next to each other different building we see each other everyday. We just wanted to hangout at first now he want to go serious I just got so frustrated at him since then' he thinks I'm always mad at him. I don't know how to stop this. I don't want to go serious, I'm afraid of guy, sorta think (not gay) all of them are asshole or doushed, which is not true. I developed an attitude with everyone since the break up, I am very defensive and protective, I mostly think I'm just a smart young women that's knows what she wants and confident, somehow I also feel like people are pulling away from me. I know I'm a sweet person caring loving deep inside, I don't know how am I going to be that sweet person again, and what should I tell this guy that want me serious? I've been so confused lately.


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  • so u got mad at him coz he wanted to go serious? i guess this has to do coz u r afraid of guys as u said... and u probably believe they might end up being just like yer X fiancee... seems like he has good intentions... i guess u should be open for new chances and don't throw 'em away.

    but... fuck... it's really asinine dat he broke up wid u if u have a daughter together... and u r not alone, i've read MANY similar posts... it really sucks!!

    • Yeah! That sound pretty stupid, I've frustrated since he told me, I'm scared of serious like you said maybe thinking history will repeat itself, I just feel like running away!

      Yeah! X left me and made me homeless with his daughter. I was a stay home mom with no fund he thoughts I was good for nothing, his mother threating to take my daughter away, he cheated on me and went straight in a relationship with this older women which is he's coworker he cheated on me with. Now I pull my head up so high from nothing to better in less then a year my income become more then him, and work with a great company I have my own office. Overall I just can't seem to beleive anyother guy confess me their feeling to me is true. I'm afraid!

    • that's it... but u should realise not all guys r like him of course...
      also... about his mom threatin to take yer daughter away... i believe she can't do it by force... it's illegal

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