Guys, Why won't he let me call him?

So I've been dating this guy for like 2 years but he lives quite far so I only see him like once every two weeks. We're really happy when we're together and right now we're better than ever but he's weird.
He recently said he loves but then will still say things like 'don't call me, I call you' and won't let me go to see him, he comes to me. To me that's messed up.
But I know he's not cheating and I don't question his intentions but I just don't get why he still feels the need to be a bit 'distant'. We also still haven't made it an official relationship after all this time but he acknowledges the commitment? I just don't know what his problem is, any ideas?


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  • No give him a chance. It doesn't matter that he calls you and not the opposite it's the same difference. Im exactly like him I tell my girlfriend that I dont want her calling me instead let me call her. There are reasons for this
    a) I want to control the convo And end it and there's a opportunity to end the call.
    B) I dont want people thinking im whipped
    C) he can call when he's not busy whereas you may call when he is
    D) when my girlfriend calls she speaks more then when I call.

    • But I pick up when I'm busy and just let him know I'm busy, like it's just a bit awkward being told not to call him Hahh

    • Just know that he doesn't mean it in a rude way. I know what you mean I can see the puzzled look when I say something like that.
      Has he always been like this? Because if not maybe he's hinting that you call him less. Whenever guys call eachother it's usually purposeful like talking about setting up plans or whatever never about how you feeling and talking about there feelings a lot.
      When my girlfriend calls she talks about irrelevant things like what made her happy or sad during the day and I dont know how to respond. She then asks if im upset but im not it's just a stupid convo lol.
      Maybe when you call him from now on make the convo purposeful not justice talking because your in a relationship. by the way I only say this because usually the person calling has control of the cconvo and can end it whenever so maybe he wants the power to do this.

    • The power thing makes sense, I don't really call him he just kinda said it as a disclaimer to make it clear before I start calling Hahh, I dunno guess it's part of him as person, like he seems to have a thing about being the one to control the intensity of the relationship but that kind of just makes me feel like a side chick hahah.

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  • Last time my friend did something similar to his girlfriend, he was living with a local girl and waiting for the right time to break things up.

  • From what you said, maybe he lives with someone else. It could be possible. That would explain why he wouldn't let you call him.

  • He's crazy probably if your cat goes missing be suspicious

    • Hahh so should I cut him off?

    • That's up to you, if you feel you should than do what your gut tells you do if you want to stay together and work on the things that bother you than do that i know you're asking for advice but at the end of the day the only decision you should make is on your own good luck !

    • Hmm kind of expected that Hah, thank you though :)

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