Alright ladies and gentlemen, I need your honest opinion once and for all, should I stop contacting and hanging out with the girl I have feelings for?

I've known her for more than a year now. She was my lab partner for two semesters and we've hung out a couple of times for coffee and lunch. She's beautiful, has a great personality and she's not afraid to express her true self. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend, but lately I get the vibe that she may have feelings for me. I mean she started touching my arm, she laughs at all my jokes, she seemed happy around me and recently on both occasions after we completed our exams and when I dropped her off to her car after our hang out, we hugged and they were full frontal hugs. I know she does not hug other guys besides her boyfriend. We won't be together this semester, we promised to stay in touch and even catch up again. I haven't text her for a week now because I'm thinking of cutting off contact and moving on but I don't want to since we have a good relationship. So what is the best thing to do according to you?
1.) No more contact
2.) stay in touch and contact once in every two months and still hang out with her?
3.) carry on with my life and still keep her on my mind if she ever breaks up with a her boyfriend?


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  • Wow... That story sound too similarin an eerie way!

    Well, if she has a boyfriend then she is off limits. You are being friendzoned by her. There's no way a girl in a happy relationship will hang out with another guy unless she only sees him as a friend.
    The fact that she's been reciprocating your touches, most probably means she is feeling comfortable around you because she doesn't see you as a threat and has gotten used to your presence.
    Of course there is a very slight chance she has started liking you, but it's so unlikely that I wouldn't get my hopes up. Besides if she is still in a relationship it's clear she isn't ready to act on her feelings toward you.
    So what should you do? If I were you, I'd get on with my life. Hanging out with her or even keeping her on your mind isn't a great idea. This way you'll miss out on great opportunities and other chances. What if she never breaks up?
    Don't hang out or contact her. Do the same thing you'd do to a random classmate. Say hi if you see her and some small talk but don't actively contact her. Should she ever be single again and if has feelings for you, she'll make it clear to you. Besides every now and then when you run into her, you can ask her how her boyfriend is. But don't waste your life on a girl who doesn't see you the way you see her...


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  • stay in tuch as friends would be better in my opinion... probably u might end up together later.
    but seems like she's full flirty towards u... so either she doesn't get along wid her boyfriend... or she just doesn't care about being in a relationship and she has no probs to cheat on him


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  • I always recommend that you don't chase after a girl in a relationship. She might seem like she likes you, but you don't want to be a home wrecker, so you should just keep it as friends and nothing more unless her relationship breaks up. I think that it's fine to keep doing what you're doing with her, because you haven't done anything inappropriate yet, but you should be careful that it doesn't turn into something more.


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  • Option 2 is the best way to go. If you two keep seeing each other like this and she develops feelings for you, there's a chance she might break up with her boyfriend and go with you instead, but don't try to interfere with their relationship right now. Just go with the flow.


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