Am I being taken for granted?

We've been dating for 1 month became exclusive dating after 3 weeks of 2 to 3 dates per week. Since being exclusive we see each other almost everyday.

We had sex and he was still nice and he wanted to spend even more time with me. We spend almost the entire weekend together. We cooked together last night (I did most of the work) he thanked me as the food was really delicious and he took the left over with him.

He didn't text me in the morning or at lunch he he nomrally do, he posted a picture of my cooking and the cake we bought on weekend on Facebook saying that is his weekned leftover.

Someone commented and he replied to that person. I made a joke in the comment and he didn't repond he only liked it.

He texted me later in the day just one word.. *hug* i reponded and later he told me he has been dehydrated in the day and been drinking ltos of water. he didn't even ask how my day was.


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  • It sounds like he is taking you for granted, but it's hard to say.

    • I don't know what to do now.. date someone else?

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    • Don't stress with people who take you for granted.

    • Agree. Oh well my mistake I should't have trusted him

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