He's excited for me to sleep over at his house, but said I'm the first friend he's had over to the house in a long time?

This guy is shy and nervous, but has opened up in terms of being very physically affectionate. During our last date he said something along the lines of being afraid of making me uncomfortable or doing something I don't like in terms of intimacy, and how he doesn't want to scare me off because he likes me.

Anyway, he takes ambien for his sleep issues. After he took them last night, he texted me and told me how excited he was I was coming to his house to sleep over in a couple of weeks (his mom is going away on vacation), and he said I could stay multiple nights if I wanted. He then texted "your literally going to be the first friend I've had over the house since I was in like 6th grade". He then said he had to go because the meds were setting in. His "friend"? Am I overthinking this?


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  • probably he said it as "friend" so u won't find it awkward... so yeah there's no need to overthink about it. and since he opened up to u is very good since he's shy as u say

    • Yeah, we haven't had any talks about exclusivity yet, so yeah, it's been 5 weeks of dating at this point. He gives me that "deer in the headlights" look when we meet up for dates and actually very concerned about his "awkwardness" with me. But yeah, he's been very afraid to touch me and didn't even try to hold my hand until our 7th date. It's endearing.

      Is it weird that he talked about wanting me to meet his ex, whom he's still friends with, and is married now with a house of her own? I think they dated back in college.

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    • I guess I just felt like I was being friend-zoned or something. But I read too much into things.

    • u know his mom might've had some affect on him... probably she might've not allowed him bring any friends to his home or sth like dat... and yeah u can ask him if he wants to meet yer own X

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