What does it mean when a guy tells you how he feels the first date went?

So 2 nights a go me and this guy went on our first date. It was the best first date I've been on possibly ever. We both goofed around walking around a mall after seeing a movie and then he insisted on taking me to dinner. A nice dinner. He bought me little things from the mall my eyes lit up at, even though I told him he really didn't have to that I see things a lot I like. He was obviously stalling the final goodbye, I think we said goodnight 3 times. We broke the personal space bubble, and the physical contact barrier. We hugged, he lifted me up, he led my hands in his, kissed my right hand... he even went in for a kiss. It was a gentle peck. I didn't turn away and he smiled. He kissed me about 5 times, just the same lip pecks. Nothing he did I would say was innappropriate.
Last night we were texting a cute roleplay thing, it was all cutesy and nothing sexual at all. Nothing about sex has even been hinted at. But after he told me "We really get off well together :)" I'm taking this as a good thing. We also are setting up plans for a second date. I'm really hoping we date exclusively. He seems like a really sweet guy, I don't want to mess it up. So is it really a good thing he told me he thinks we get along well. We tease each other a lot even over text. It's been a while since I've felt like I click with someone.


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  • He likes you.


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