Is this enough evidence would you think?

I know I
Being insecure but the guy I have been seeing for two years is on Twitter , he didn't tell me he was I just found him on there. He has a profile pic of himself shirtless :/ and I noticed a women who is friends with his brother on fb following him on Twitter. I felt upset :( so I messaged her ! I know that's bad of me but I noticed she suddenly disappeared from Twitter and un friended his brother on Facebook !!! Is it obvious there's something to hide for her to do this? My gut feeling is telling me something was going on with the guy I'm seeing and her. I confronted him and all he says is what am I going on about? He doesn't know I no abouYour out of order :/ told u what I'm like tho , don't like anyone taking the piss out of me. Anyway your sad , one day you will realise that. t her tho. I am angry. Do you think maybe for her to do all this in right?

That's what I told him
Would you say this is clear evidence


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  • The part of him shirtless on a social media site is concerning. What this other girl did may just be coincidental.

    What do you mean by seeing? As in are you two in a committed relationship with each other?

  • kind of... she had something to hide that's forsho


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