How can I be a good boyfriend?

I am single for now but I want to know how I can be a good boyfriend that my girlfriend would be happily to be with. How can I show a girl I care about her and I respect her. I ask because I have never been in a real relationship so I don't want to mess up.


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  • Beyond a certain point women don't really want to know you care, they say they do but watch how they act and you'll get a better idea what they really want. That's true of people generally, watch what they do and don't pay much to what they say. Nearly everybody is a bit of a verbal illusionist, they misdirect with words.

    Women want a lot of things from men, it varies from woman to woman. In a relationship they generally want certain needs satisfied and then they want something to occupy them. They need a carrot on a string they can reach for. They are generally more satisfied constantly trying to work to retain your loyalty and affections than in knowing for certain they have them. When they are assured of you most women, sadly, will take you for granted. So be a good boyfriend who would never cheat and is devoted to your girlfriend's happiness but don't be too obvious about it.


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  • The best thing you can do right now is to make female platonic friendships and hang out with them. The more you listen, talk and relate to them.. you'll start to piece together how / why they're different and what's important to them.

    Then when you do get into a relationship.. you'll be more prepared for their needs as theirs are very different from males.

  • Just hug and kiss her a lot. You'd be amazed how much that means to a girl. They expect most guys to not like that kind of stuff, and they expect them to be distant and unaffectionate, but if you get all mushy with them, it really pleasantly surprises them.


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