Is it a good idea for a smaller guy to be with a bigger girl? Anyone with first hand experience?

And I'm not talking about fat. I mean I am about 5'9 and skinny and she is like 6'0 and normal weight and curvy. Supposedly I have an aesthetic face (in the right light, if you are drunk), which is all I have going for me, physically. I am mid 20s but I look like I'm in high school (I am not joking. I get carded to buy aerosol cans). She is older than I am and she looks her age, mostly due to her height and frame, I guess. Not sure whether to pursue or if it's too ridiculous. I know some people would see that and laugh, like she could beat me up, or something. Not even most men that height could, tbh. I'm only asking because she seems to be sending signals (but then again, I could be dead wrong).

Guys or girls, have you ever been that kind of couple, and could the girl handle it? Did you handle it? GIrls, if you were in that situation would you even consider it in the first place?


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  • Don't base your relationship off of what others think.
    If you care about this young lady then be with her.
    You're getting to a age where physical aspects (indeed which is a bonus) should be the least of your concern.
    Although it's great to have a partner that looks well on your arm, that doesn't make a relationship last.
    If you have a lot in common with this girl and enjoy her company, it shouldn't matter if she looks older than you and is physically bigger.

    Would you rather a small, petite girl who everyone thought suited you well but you both had nothing in common?
    It's best to choose wisely.

    • I'm not basing it on what others think. I'm asking if anyone has been in such a couple and if it worked well, or if it caused problems, and if it's worth it.

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    • I mention people's perception as an implication of what she might think. Women overall tend to care a lot about social pressures.

    • Oh okay. Well, even if she thinks that the fact that she is okay being with you makes her feel like she doesn't care.

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  • Im gonna level with ya dude, I bet, 99% of the girls on this question are gonna tell you things like ''looks dont matter'' and how ''its silly to think you can't because you're shorter''

    But lets not forget, These are the same girls who vote polls on here saying how they would only date a guy taller then them (Ive seen polls on this site where like 95%+ girls said they wouldn't date a shorter guy).

    So I don't know dude if im honest, But, I will wish you luck with it, And tbh, 5''9' ain't short anyway. Its only a 3 inch different, So i can't see it being THAT big of a deal to her.

    • 5'8 to 5'10 is average (global). Not saying it's short, but this girl is tall. But I'm not asking if this girl is interested. I'm not even sure I am. I'm asking if anyone was in a couple like this and if it worked.

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  • Who gives a crap what other people think about who you are with. Don't let other people's thoughts or opinions dictate who you are with. It's not their life and it doesn't affect them in any way. If they don't like the way a couple looks together then they can look somewhere else.

    • Yes, I know, but I'm asking about the internal experience, whether or not it becomes a problem for either one while dating or beyond.

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    • True, but it's still a matter of betting on better odds instead of wasting your time with impulses.

    • In that case, who loses out in the end? You or the people you are worried about judging you?

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  • hahahahah bro... i TOTALLY feel u. i lke taller and bigger gals as well. and i luv it when she's stronger than me... so no worries u r not alone :)

    and if somebody laughs then he's just a close-minded idiot who cannot accept different tastes... in other words fuck those kind of people ;)

    • She's not stronger.

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    • I'm skinny because of low body fat and no steroids. Just weighing more doesn't make someone stronger.

    • oh ok... anyway dat was just my opinion about likin being less stronger than a gal

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