When a guy says he 'can't' stop trying to get you?

Me and this guy have been talking for 5 months. I kept trying to end it before because I felt that he only wanted sex since he's very sexual. We haven't slept together and I keep feeling that his only intention is to pursue me sexually even if he has asked to be exclusive. Last time I asked him to let me be, he said: I can't stop. You'll have to block my number. What does that mean? Is that some sort of a threat or he genuinely likes me and I'm being too paranoid?


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  • He just likes you too much, he can't allow himself to stop pursuing you.

    • I really hope that's it. Thank you for your response :)

    • It would be true for me if i were in that situation

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  • I think it was meant to be sweet. He might genuinely like you. If you two aren't compatible in terms of what you want out of a relationship, it won't work out.

    • It seems like he's willing to give me whatever I want, but I'm so scared that once I give in, I'll realize I shouldn't have. A part of me wants to see how long this will go on for, because regardless of what I say or do, he just doesn't stop.

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  • Too paranoid

    • Thank you for your response! And yeah, can't say I'm not guilty of that.

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