My boyfriend doesn't show me any attention?

Me & my boyfriend live far frm each other , plus i wrk long hrs everyday so its hard for me to see him. So when we do actually see each other , u would think he would treat me right & show me all the attention in the world.. but he DOESNTTTT !!! Instead his attention is always on his phone or on his friends which he sees everyday. Like whats wrong w. Him , if u only see sumone a few times wouldn't u focus on them? & by the way we haven't seen each other in over a month & he's been begging for me to see him now when i actually went he was on the phone the whole time. Like ughhhh thats so freaking rude & annoying dont invite sumone over to hang out then ignore them the whole time. 😡😡😡


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  • My ex was like that. He was the one that would work all the time and he wouldn't really text me back or call me back and it made our connection really fade over time because we weren't close anymore. Maybe you should ask him what he wants. My ex and I broke up because he didn't give me the attention that I wanted.

    I hope this is not true in your situation, but my ex also hit on my friend behind my back one time (one of the rare times we did hang out) maybe that could be it too. For you sake I hope not :)

    • No we have the same situation girl unfortunately. 😒😔😞

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    • Wow what a jerk! how old is he? He sounds really immature! That's what he gets for ignoring his girlfriend. Did you say why you were breaking up with him? I Hope it gets better for you :) Good luck :)

    • yeaa i told him & now hed just filled w. Anger & rage threatening me & shit. He 18 by the way so his maturity is not there yet ofcourse

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