Online dating. why do I get bored as soon as a girl starts to show interest in me?

I've been speaking to a girl for a few days and recently we swapped numbers. She seems really nice, and i think we would probably get on if we did meet up, but for some reason im starting to loose interest. This always happens and eventually I just stop texting back.

I've been single for over a year now, so you would think I would jump at the chance, but it always seems that as soon as the girl starts to show some interest, i get bored and I dont know why.


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  • Well maybe that girl is not someone who clicks with you. When you find the right one, you will see that this feeling stops. Just keep looking.

    • it happens every time, even if the girl is super hot and we seem to get on well. I just dont know why I do it lol.

    • Like I said, being hot isn't everything.
      The girl needs to have that "something" to make you wanna stay.

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