Guys and girls can answer this?

I have really struggled through the dating scene and im now 23 i believe most of it comes from trying to get girls out of my league. So for the guys and girls that answer this i need help as an example post a pic of a girl you think would be in my league or someone i would have a shot with


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  • you have a shot with anybody you want. anybody who thinks they are too good for you isn't worth your time anyway.

    • Not really there is a such thing as leagues your right on one part i could date any girl i want but if them girls never have mutual feelings im gonna be single forever if i keep chasing them

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    • Can you see how its hard to think positive when i midway through my twentys and hasn't shit changed

    • This stuff just dosent fix itself

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  • That is hard to answer, sometimes girls who are way out of your league could like you. It really depends on the personality, your confidence and how you talk to them.

    • Well i project confidence like i said maybe all my failures through the years has beem shooting too high maybe if i came back to earth i would experience some success

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    • Nobody to watch dont really have many friends

    • Well work on making some male friends. Also you should work on conversation skills. Learn how to say "hey there, how is your day going" or "hey that is a beautiful necklace, can I see it closer?", or "hi, you are looking awesome today". All woman love compliments. They go out of their way to be noticed, give that to them. Some woman might say thanks and keep walking, others might turn into a conversation.

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