When to call a woman after 2nd date?

I went on a couple dates with a woman a female friend set me up with. First date went really well and we had a lot of fun, great conversation, and made out like 3 different times. I called her after 4 days, we went on a second date later on the weekend. Things didn't go as planned for the activities, but we stll had some intimate conversation, tickled each, laughed, made out a couple times.

She dropped several hints suggesting she wanted to sleep with me while we were making out, but I decided not to act on it and gave her playful responses. Based upon that and her kissing, Id say her interest is pretty high. If I pulled away a bit she'd come closer or pull me in closer.

How long do I wait?
  • Next Day
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  • A Few Days Later
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  • A Week Late
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  • Not Until She Contacts You First
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  • In a few days.


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