Will my ex get back with me need some helpful advice?

I was dating my ex for 6 and half months he left to go to American for 2 and half months, before he left we where having some issues i was feeling insecure about him leaving wich i would think that would be a nominal feeling to have. The last week that he was home we kinda ended it but still talking we also went out for dinner. He is now in American for the first week and a half we where talking on facebook every day even tho he was being bit blunt towards me but its better then nothing i didn't hear from for a few days so i asked him if he was ignoring me he replies (nar drinking ) where his exact words i felt a little hurt and told him that i hate being second best to him and that i know that his probably sleeping with other women whiles his away he told me that i created all this ballshit and then blocked and delete me of facebook that was 4 week ago now will he get back into contact with me when his home? Ps my profile im not male im female


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  • With all that being said it might be extremely hard to get him back. But if he cares about you and you care enough to reach out somehow someway. Then maybe he will respond...

    • Thats the thing i dont think he care that much for me our time together he ever told me he loved me or that he missed me he also was a fifo worker so he will be at work for two weeks and home for one.

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    • Im not weird or needy for feelimg insecure about him leaving

    • Why would you be weird? You care about him. What's weird in wanting to know how he's doing?

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