Dating a guy vs. hook up - which will a girl choose?

at what point may a girl be interested in hooking up with a guy as opposed to wanting to possibly getting involved in a relationship with him. what's make her want to do both or either. please x plain in detail. OK peace out and chicken grease.


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  • it depends on the girls morals and intentions. during high school, most relationships are fluff so that's where the hook ups come to play. the same goes for college. in college. most girls hook up just because they can get away with it and they won't be labeled as a "slut". once you meet a girl that doesn't hook up or knows where she wants to go in life and is serious about it, you will know she wants a realtionship and not one that is going to die out shortly. she wants something serious. and I don't recommend hooking up and then trying to form a relationship with the person you hook up with. I say get in the relationship first, and then hook up with no one but each other.


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