Why did he like me before, but treats me like trash now?

there was this guy, that I had a fling with. Lets call him Adam. after I ended it, Adam told me we will always be my friend, no matter what happens. then recently there was an embarrassing video of me dancing at my friends dance party and it got sent to him. he thinks I sent it, which I did not. so about 2 weeks ago, I totally got over the crush I had on him and he told me I am an awesome friend and I am starting to have fun again! yay me, but when I am having fun, people that he has spoken, to have been coming and telling me that he is going around and saying I am a stalker and a loser. worst, he sent the video to all his friends even though he promised my best friend he wouldn't. I am trying not to let this affect my happiness, but hearing this is really p*ssing me off because I am over him already. this may sound really cheesy, but I have been trapped in a fantasy world for 3 months because I thought I really had a chance with him even though I didn't. finally I am out of this imaginary world and I am trying to enjoy myself because next week we're off school for Christmas break and I don't want to deal with all this drama. its really hurting my feelings when I hear / see this stupid behavior that he is showing, because when I finally let go of him he has to come back and stick a knife in my back. help me what do I do about this low life bastard?


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