What should I wear to church with him and is this considered a date?

Okay so my friend has been asking me for weeks to go to church with him since the first day he met my dad he said we all should go and we made plans for that Sunday but my dad went out of town so we couldn't go..so a few weeks later he asked again and I said we might go..so last week he asked again but I couldn't go because I had to help decorate trees at work and told him I should deff. Go this Sunday{sorry 4 the back story haha} so my question is what should I wear cause I'm pretty sure I'm gonna meet his mom...so

1.what should I wear?

And my other question is

2.is this a date?

And my last question is

3.does this mean he likes me cause he never shows that he does like normal guys do?

Please help me out please...sorry so long!


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  • i go to church several times a week and have experience with the guys in the chruch, so I hope I can help.

    wear something nice and modest. it doesn't have to be a stunning dress. just something appropriate and not too revealing. look classy and age appropriate, and be cute.

    its not necessarily a date. although he could be interested in you. if he took the time to ask you to church with him he wants you to understand and possibly agree with his beliefs. he seems like he is very committed to his faith and when that is true you want everyone you know to beleive what you beleive because you are so happy with your faith and your savior and you want everyone you know to Him too.

    he might like you. guys in the church show their interest differently than other guys. he is probably looking for a real relationship that will last a little bit. he doesn't want to be in a realtionship with a girl just to have it end shortly. he wants something that will last and something that won't require him to drop his religion for.

    good luck,

    • I'm a church going male,and I believe this woman summarized this situation very well.

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  • What you wear will probably depend on what his church is like. Just ask him.

    But no, this is not a date. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you. I think if he does, he'll eventually ask you out in a different way. I think right now, he really just wants to share his faith with you. I have a friend who used to invite me to go to church with him ALL the time, because we're close friends and his faith is very important to him, so he wants to share it with people. Not because he had any romantic interest in me, haha. Don't rule that out though.

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