Guy friend wanted to know about my private life. Why?

I've known this guy for a couple of months and wouldn't say we are super close. I met him through a mutual friend. Anyway, I went to his house to meet my other friend there. I had been on a date and my friend had told the guy. When I got to his house, he said "Oh, so I heard you were on a date?"

Later on during the evening, I was talking to my other friend about my relationships in the past. My guy friend was listening and kept asking me questions about my sexual past, ex boyfriend's etc. After a while I said "anyway, enough about my life.. let's talk about something else" but my guy friend kept pushing on with the questions going "no, no.. go on" more than twice.

After my other friend went to use the toilet, my guy friend came over to sit opposite me and asked me questions about my ex boyfriend again.

Why was my guy friend so curious about my past relationships and kept pushing on about it, even though I tried changing the subject several times?


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  • Because your "guy friend" is into you and hasn't told you yet.

    • Would a guy who likes you normally want to know about your past bf's etc? Thanks for your answer by the way

    • Depends on how insecure the guy is. The more insecure the guy, the more he'll want to know.

      And since he hasn't made a move on you yet, he's probably not the most confident guy out there.

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  • He may be interested in you.


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  • He's probably interested in you and is trying to get an idea of the guys you're in to. Like let's say all your ex's have been kinda wild and outgoing and none of those worked and your guy friend isn't like that he'd feel like he'd have more of a chance and feel more confident to ask. I do feel though that he shouldn't be too pushy and to kinda observe from the side but still kinda hint that he's into you

  • He likes you and wants to get to know you.

    • Thanks for your input :)

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