How do I build the confidence?

Man so today I went to cvs to pick up my meds and the woman that attended to me was around my age 22-24 already a pharmacist I'm guessing. But she had this light caramel beautiful radiant brown skin tone. She had long beautiful locs such as myself. and I can't forget her beautiful teeth there's was just something about her and her like aura that drew me to her. But all I could do is just share in her light brown eyes smh. I missed my chance to speak up the only reason why is because I feel as though I have nothing going on for myself. No job as of right now. But I'm a college student with no car. What would a pretty girl like that wanna do with a guy like me? But I don't know what it is my heart or my brain is telling me to in cvs tomorrow and just speak on how I feel

I'm really not like this all the time I'my always just myself but I really was some help guys (Gag) lol


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  • I think is okay to go and talk to her about what you just said was attracted to you,
    Here is how I would say: hi I couldn't help notice your beautiful skin tone or color and I think is perfect, I might only have one opportunity and I don't want to miss it, I just don't want to miss it, maybe I wouldn't never see you again... pause and see her reaction... If she talk back to you ( believe me in the back of her mind she would be feeling nerves and excitement) let her see where she lead you but don't run for a date, and make sure that you finish the conversation with a friendly and want more kind of tone, tell her that I hope you'll see her again, the rest comes later ( you know, car, college and stuff because you are not about to merry her) just be cool and cold, don't let your nerves take control or you will loose the dove. Make her feel 'unique' and beautiful, and you hope that she is single to begin with, and just talk normal and make a conversation about her, and what she does and what she like, good luck, don't rush it, don't think about and end, rather a moment, enjoy your moment and make sure that you are tell her that this is a nice conversation. Make her feel confident with you and not you trying to be confident for your own. Go get her tiger!

    • This is really some good advice even though I know some of this its nice that you have it in like a chronological order because my thoughts are just all over the place right now where I dk what to do. and you're right I'm not marrying her so I should just relax. Its nice to get advice fromppeople who are older than me and maybe have experience what I have not or only once.

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    • I built up the confidence and she wasn't even there smh Lol

    • Lol.

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  • Been there and was thinking same way at that age, had nothing to offer her, she is probably pharmacist assistant , some guys have a rap and can do it but with no car you can't even pick her up, the job part she wouldn't figure out right away until later and maybe you would have her liking you by then. You really need to make yourself someone she would want to go out with. I lost out on so many girls because I never had myself in order until later on in life and had something to offer

    • I agree the only thing that is bad right now is the car but I'm a nice down to earth guy that could probably relate to anything she'd wanna talk about. I'm looking into work right now and I should be graduating in two or three years. Shit Lol I'd walk to deliver her lunch to her if thats what she wanted. but would she not want me because of material things?

  • fake it till you make it


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