How to make the best first impression on a guy?

my friend was with this guy, and she was scrolling through some pictures on her phone, and her guy friend asked about a photo of me, saying i was cute and he wanted to get to know me. i think he's pretty cute too. my friend said he wants to take it slow, become friends before considering a relationship, which i understand. i'm just worried about making a first impression on him. he doesn't know if he wants his ex back, but i want to be better than her without like over doing it. i mean how the hell am i supposed to beat a British girl? anyway we plan on getting together to meet and stuff, i just want to know how to be a girl that he would consider a relationship; like how can i make the best impression and how can i be the girl that he wants?


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  • 1) Show interest and not have him do all the work in the conversation.
    2) Don't come off as a cold fridged bitch
    3) Show interest and not checking your phone every 5 minutes.
    4) Eye contact, and smile.
    5) If he didn't ask. Be bold and ask to exchange numbers.


What Girls Said 1

  • Flirt a lot.

    • I don't want to come off as too impulsive though.

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