Guys, would you be willing to take it slow with a girl you liked to make her comfortable?

If the girl you liked/were dating wanted to take it slow when it came to anything physical, would you wait for her to be comfortable before doing anything with her, even kissing, or would you leave her for someone who was more comfortable with things like that right away?

  • I'd wait for her to be comfortable.
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  • I'd try to coax her into going ahead with things.
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  • I'd go be with someone else.
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  • I'm the same way, so she'd be perfect for me.
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  • I litterally have to wait like 32391023 years for my girlfriend to take the next step, but it's just because she's shy and i know that, it also means whenever she is ready its means 32391023 times more! :) So yes I wait and i prefer it to be honest!

    • That's great :) I love that you respect her by waiting and see it as a good thing, even.

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  • if i really loved her... OF COURSE i'd wait for her to become comfortable... and never never push her!

  • I am in the position with a girl right now who wants to take it slow. Honestly she is the girl I think is worth waiting for. We both lead very independent lives and are both capable of being without the other, yet I enjoy her company so much that I am not driving in another direction. I really am interested in seeing where it goes. So far 1 date, 1 night spent together, and barely 20 - 30 texts. Something tells me though taking it slow and waiting will really pay off.

  • Been there, done that.(on their request)
    With my exes I went too slow: one started cheating, with the other we both lost interest.

  • Always take it slow, anything worthwhile is never easy