Girls, her dad works in our store with us, how should I approach her?

I met a new coworker I like which I'd like to get to know even more, the only thing is her dad works in the same place as us. They are new to the United States so its a totally different culture for them.

I've told her I'll take her out one day which she liked the idea to, I just don't know when that one day will be.

When we are alone we talk a lot with great chemistry, I respect her, I think she's beautiful and most importantly has a great personality. However when her dad is nearby or approaching us I feel I should give her some space and our talking comes to a halt. They still live together and carpool to work so they have a close bond.

How would your dad react if another guy was trying to talk to you in front of him?

How can I make this work?


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  • Ask her out when her dad isn't around!

  • dont approach her!


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