Why do a lot of short girls only go for tall guys?

I'm 16 and 5'8 so about average world wide and many short girls I've asked out like 5' or 5'1 say they're only into tall guys like 6'2? It's completely fine to have a preference but what the frak?

I seem to have more success with girls 5'6+ than short girls. I've even dated more girls that are taller than me than shorter girls.

I don't get it at all, I mean your face would be up to his stomach, he has to squat to kiss you?
Sex must be so awkward...
Anyone else had this experience?

Yes I know not everyone girl is the same and I'm generalising... I obviously don't mean all short girls.


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  • I do find it weird, but I usually think of it more as "why does this gigantic man want to be with this tiny woman that he has to break his back to kiss when there are taller women who are just as pretty and available?" so the issue is frustrating from both sides, but it is what it is.

    (Like when they were a couple, HOW?) www.google.com/search


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  • Because tall guys are more attractive

    • Yeah I suppose, but its not really practical...

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  • Feeling secure perhaps... When someone towers over you, like a shield.

  • Uh, I think the better word would be *taller* o_o (well for me at least)

    It's not like I'm demanding a 6ft guy or anything
    I just want someone taller than me.

    I'm 5'0", that's not hard to do. >_>

    • You might not, I have friends ranging from 5'4-6'6 or so and everyone from 5'4 - 5'10 have little success with short girls 5'6 and under.

    • Well.. I don't know. My whole family is short. My dad is 5'6" and my brother is 5'3" and neither of them have ever had those problems. 0_0

  • Lol, 5'8" is great!
    Maybe it's a coincidence that the guys they fall for are that tall.

    Or they just like it like that.

    • I've heard the phrase "you're too short" I'm like what the frak? Ok miss 5'1...
      It's confusing...

      I'd rather they just say I'm ugly, I'd be like "fair enough"!

    • Lol, I don't know why they would say that.

      5'8" is not short.

    • Isn't it? Oh

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  • I wonder the same thing like why in the hell would this GROWN ASS MAN be walking next to this LITTLE ASS GIRL (height wise speaking) LOLOL #AintNoneOfMyBeewaxThough

  • daddy issues