He texted me everyday but today he just stop? Maybe I was too needy?

We started to talk for 2 weeks already. He seems so smitten and texted me everyday or even if he's busy he always let me know that he's busy. And yhen i think it was mis communication between me and him to make him think that i was needy because he said "needy" and then i was like what and laugh. Said that i was joking. The. He changed the subject and asked me how i am. And stuff. I replied and then he didn't read until the morning. He read but never replied back to me. And he didn't text me at all today

if he think i was needy what should i do now?
Should i just leave it like that and give him some space?

Should i text him like nothing happened?


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  • Wait a day and then texted him like nothing happened

    • I Actually should have a date with him on Friday. But he didn't confirm me yet. And i think this conversation made him think that i was needy. It went like this on Monday.
      Me :so should we go to this place on Friday ( i was going to this place with my friends that evening)
      I sent him that while we constantly reply to each other back and forward and having a conversation. He didn't reply nor read. So i made a joke
      Me: no? Okay. Sadface
      Him : you needy.
      Me : hahahah i was joking
      Him : really? So how are you?
      Me: we are trying to figure out where to go. This place is full of people. (I wasn't sure if he knew that "we" i meant me and my friends, and he might think that i mean me and him.
      Him: can i confirm you later.
      Him: Monday
      Me: confirm about what? What about Monday? (This is where i got confused and I'm not sure if he thought that he think if i was asking him again if we should meet on Monday which i clearly didn't understand what he meant by Monday)
      Him : i don't get it
      Me: me too. You said Monday.
      This is where he stopped texting.

      Mm.. Now should i still leave it or try to send him a text asking about Friday? Although im afraid it might get worse if i still mention it again

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    • No, it means he isn't interested but is just being nice about letting you know.

    • Yeah i won't reply to that message tbh.

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  • This is a page out of the old player's handbook. Not calling him a player, but this is nothing new. Guy texts a lot in the beginning then cuts you off to get you to want him more. It's possible this isn't happening but you still need to react the same way whether it is true or something else is happening. You need to stop texting him. Don't text him until he texts you first. Even if you have to wait three days or a week don't give in. By day eight you may send him a quick "are you alive" but don't feed him the power. Take it back by showing you aren't needy and that you are in control of your life and time. When you text him, he should feel honored you took time out of your day you did so.

  • Just leave it.


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