How long will this girl stay mad at me for, we were going on a date then she said she was not ready then got angry with me and deleted me on facebook?

I have apolgised so how long should i wait before re adding her as she took what i said out of context and i didn't do nothing wrong but will still apogeise -
She said - You still went out so don't try making me feel bad. Please just stop, this is ridiculous. This is what I mean about the messaging, I've just woke up and I've got 2 messages from you already.
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  • you fucked up, just leave her be

    • but i didn't do nothing wrong i was polite, kind and apologetic all i said was the reason i sent more than one message as i wanted to know if we were going on a date because if we were i was going to cancel going out to my little cousins bday party!

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    • that could be the case if she's a moody kind of person

    • so if she is a moody person if i give her a week then send her a friend request with a apology message she should forgive me and re add me on facebook?

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