Was he asking me out on a date?

I have a friendly acquaintance (have only hung out with him 3x over the past 6 months) who texted me yesterday at 8:30pm asking me if I wanted to get dinner that night. I don't know if this was his attempt at asking me out on a date since date was not used anywhere in the text and I wouldn't imagine you ask a girl out that last minute if you actually want to date her? Am I wrong? Am I misinterpreting him?


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  • Yes, but it would be easier to know exactly what he said because saying it differently could change it.

    • "interested in going to the (restaurant/bar) tonight for dinner?"
      I guess I just figured something that last minute is more for like a booty call and considering I've never dated or chatted with him much it seemed like quite a leap?

    • Then yes, he definitely was proposing a date. (That's how I am, afterwards I would ask if she considered it a date)

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  • yes he was.


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  • You need to scroll back to your text and look for hints if he is attracted to you.


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