How can I stop being anxious the moment I meet a new guy?

I noticed that as soon as I get to know a new guy I become anxious. I don't keep texting or calling at all - I let him initiate mostly- but if I like him I get worried about things like he won't like me or he will like me then dump me, or things won't work out and I stay single all my life. I can't read or do anything without thinking about the subject. How can I just relax just? I know things might not work out in any relationship but that's what happens to me!


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  • The sensations of meeting new people is a good thing. People let these feelings of excitement consume them until it's out of control. Like riding a roller coaster. Fun for the first three minutes but imagine feeling like you're still on the coaster after you got off. Not so much fun anymore. It's natural to feel that way in the beginning, it's a way for our minds and bodies to recognize someone you're interested in is standing in front of you. 100% they are also nervous so its alright. Remember to have fun. Don't fight the feelings, try to redirect them. I like to watch music videos super loud and dance around just before a date or something where I know I'm going to be stressed. Find your thing and you will be fine. My little sister carried around a rock in her pocket and while she was touching it, she was calm in stressful situations. So there are a lot of things you can do, but shutting it off impossible because that's not what's meant to happen. Embrace yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how sexy you are and how lucky they are to meet you. Meet yourself a few times. Don't give up :)

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  • Just tell yourself that he's human like me... we're all human... no need to be anxious... he's probably a little anxious too.


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