How do you know its real?

A little background information about me myself and I.
23 and never had a boyfriend, dated a lot of guys but it hasn't turned into any relationship, always ended up being disappointed and thinking there is no guy out there for me, being sad etc.

I have dated a lot of guys like i mentioned but everytimes i met them i deeply wanted it to turn into something but somehow i had a feeling that this guy isn't the guy, like there wasn't a right energy, and i knew at somepoint it would die out.
During Easter time i tried dating several guys at the same time because some people do that so i thought i could give it a try, but all those guys again.. it didn't feel right.. i felt like i was forcing myself to fall in love and i was being desperate, and one thing i know for sure about love is that you cannot force someon to fall in love with you. . thats why its called falling?

Well what im trying to get to is that, in may i began dating a guy and we are still dating and it feels so right, it was gone well and the energy is there and its all great.. but deep inside i am a bit afraid that it will end.
He left for portugal today with his family and i think i am a bit scared that he will change his opinion or feelings of me when he returns, he has met my friends and I've met his friends and i am so grateful and thankful for him and i thank god everyday for have met such a sweet man. I mean this time it felt normal and not forced... ever had that feeling where you know it is real?

I dont want to be naive and having my guard up all the time, I've said no to guys who dont want anything and I've waited for so long for a great guy.


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  • yeah, you just feel it.


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