Should I still go along with it?

Hey guys well I finally picked up the courage To tell my crush I like him. He was alright about it so the next day we met up at first it was so awkward but in the end it was a brilliant day. I've been liking this guy for 5 months now and less than a week ago my closest friend told me she liked him 2. But I didn't let her stop my going for the chance of asking him out. But before I asked him out he told me he liked another girl who had a boyfriend I was obviously quiet upset. Still I like this guy so much that I asked him.
He said well if the girl says no then yeah I will go out with you. But now I feel like he will be using me. Should I go out with him or not. by the way he said he likes me.


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  • nah... i guess he was clear he likes this gal more. but chances r nothing's gonna happen between him and her since she has a boyfriend... so yeah, even if he goes wid u... he'll still consider u 2nd best :|


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