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alright so
So my long distance boyfriend who i have been dating for a year told me yesterday that he hates the whole distance thing and doesn't think its worth it so i texted him this: Oh my sweet Shadow, how much i love you. I keep replaying what you told me yesterday in my head and can't help but cry. I am terrified extremly. I don't want to lose you baby you are my world and I understand that it is like a knife to the heart with the distance. I know that but i just don't want you feel liked your trapped in our relationship, Your young and i don't want you to feel left out. I just want you to be happy after all thats what love is right? He just replied with "i love you" should i just leave him alone and not respond today?


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  • sorry but to me his "i love u" means "i ignore u"

    i say this coz u wrote all this text, which was really sweet in my opinion... and he responded wid such a short message... anyway he was clear at least when he said he hates LDR

  • The truth is, he probably does love you and meant it when he sent that message to you. But what I would also take from a simple "I love you" is "I'm exhausted and hurting." Being in a long distance relationship is agonizing when you can't be with the one you love. Clearly you are in pain, but so is he. The only way to survive a long distance relationship is if both people are resolved to the end. Most don't last but the one's that do share a connection that lasts a lifetime, even if they don't get married. Just tell him, simply, that you still care about him and if he ever wants to talk, that you'll be available for him. Sorry I can't add more.


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