What's the best place or way to meet singles that are ready/ open to the potential of a long term relationship?

Online? If so, what site? I've tried Match (not impressed)

Also, I live in the bay area - so if there are certain "hot spots" I'd be interested!


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  • I met my current girlfriend on Okcupid. We were both looking for a serious relationship. Though there are definitely some creeps on there for the women.

    You can meet some nice guys online, just be careful.

    Also, Tinder and POF but those seem to be people mostly looking to hook up. Though I did date someone I met on tinder.

    • What's funny is that Tinder has a reputation of being a hook-up site... but then it seems like every time someone mentions Tinder and its reputation, they follow up with "BUT [I/ someone I know] did get into a relationship with someone from Tinder." I have actually been on it for a very short period of time, and I feel like it's kind of refreshing; people in real life have their own ulterior motives when they meet you - Tinder just puts a temporary label on you, and from there the people you meet can prove their good intentions (Basically they have to prove that they're not a horn-dog just looking for some action or a sugar daddy)

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  • Been lookin for a while...


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  • coffee shops!

    • No need to look further cuz im right here! 👋🏻

    • Like you just hang out there, and hope someone else walks in who is single? Hmm...

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