Does anyone else here feel too emotionally damaged/ crazy too date?

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but I feel like I can't get out of my own head when I'm dating someone. Either:

1) When things are good I feel like I'm being sweet and well-behaved, but at any moment they can say something inappropriate or unintentionally disrespectful... and I'll lose that romantic feeling. Like it breaks the happy loving spell

2) I just say or do something embarrassing or stupid and be forced to wonder how much I could have weirded them out until they reach out to talk to me again

3) I have up and down moments of wanting them in my life - and then thinking that I'm better off without them when they aren't around

4) I do SOMETHING dramatic or emotional to saboage the relationship (not talking about cheating or insulting - moreso threatening to break up because they haven't shown me they love me to the extent I want to see)

I feel like I'll never REALLY be able to connect with another person on an honest and stable level.


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  • It could have been me typing this word for word... i feel the same way. I tend to go off guys pretty easy, from liking them a lot , then i find one thing i don't like and cut i all ties. I have gotten to the stage where i c an't imagine being with any guy. I feel happy knowing someone else feels the same way , because i was worried in case i was the only one

    • THANK you!! It's so frustrating... I look at all of my coworkers and people who have "normal" relationships, and I wonder what the heck they are doing to make things work and stay sane. And then my brain goes polar opposite, and I think "how do they put up with their SO's crap?"

    • Are you sure you aren't me? Lol you think and feel EXACTLY like me!! I see people together and i think how much i am happy i am not them , because the slightest thing about a guy that i don't like puts me off him. I can't see myself ever being with guy again I just can't make a relationship work. I do the same as you i will saboatage the relationship so it ends, it's like a relief when it ends

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  • Hmm. Yeah, that'd be a problem. But it's not the end of the world. You just need someone who understands and accepts you for who you are. There are those of us out there like that. I've just now gotten back into dating after a 15 year break. Took that long for me to work out my demons.

    • Wow - that's some self-restraint! How/ why did you make it that long?

    • After getting dumped from a 3 year relationship over lunch at Subway, you kind of lose your faith. And then there was the whole career thing, and I got busy. Now I've got time again, so I decided I may as well jump back in the pool. :)

    • Wow what a bitch. Glad to hear you're doing well now.

  • I haven't had a date in nearly a year 7/26. And I definitely feel the same way. But when things that were great go to shit without a reason, it makes you rethink strategy.

  • Yeah i believe it can be true


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