How not to get played im way too sweet to see the damn signs lmao?


Most Helpful Guy

  • See how they treat their friends and family not only you
    A true player, lays on your emotions by buttering you up, and getting emotional responses out of you

    If you see he disregards friends and family, maybe thats an indicator to how he may treat you

    • Okay im pretty sure this guy already played me but im glad i know what tooo do 😄😄😄

    • Awwww i am sorry...
      Listen if you see a man who is kind, and genuine not only to you, but everyone around him, chances are he will be kind and genuine to you :)

      I wish i could have helped sooner!

    • Its fine im better now just getting guidance is enough

Most Helpful Girl

  • Take your time. Don't be too willing to invest your emotions. Get to know them before getting physical.

    • Thanks i do have a problem with sex like i dont fuck every thing that moves but if im talking to a fine guy i just want to jump his bones and then i fall for him and his dinglingg

    • I will thanks

    • That's the hardest thing to learn. Sex and love are separate, but physiologically, it's hard for women to distinguish.

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  • The only defense in this situation is offence. Become obsessed.


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  • Dont be naive and trusting. Keep your guard up for awhile and take things slowly. girls who get all in their feelings and jump in with their heart wide open are always getting played

    • Trueee thanks it does hurt getting played

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