Was it worth the 4 year wait?

well, I met this fantastic guy four years ago when I was turning fifteen and about to start high school right? his 3 and half years older and is friends with my family friend. When we first met he had a girlfriend who cheated on him constantly and he had know clue until they entered college right? so he ended it with her and dated other girls but his best friend (not my family friend) and I got super close but he was never around because we really didn't know each other. As the years went on I wanted him more and more but I knew I had no chance because I was considered "a baby" in his eyes, we reconnected these last couple weeks and we hung out like several times both with our mutual friends or just together. Like i honestly felt like we connected since we talked everyday and flirted outside of texting. At a party we went to I got really drunk but he was sober and my (dd) lol, so he grabbed my face and kissed me all night and seemed as if were together and it was like this for a good week and all of the sudden we went out on a hike and he was really cold than that same day he texted me saying "i think we should just be friends, your age isn't the factor but" I'm about to be 19 and he just turned 22 right? and we fought so much that night and begged to still hang out and still see each other, should i? or just stop all together because I really fight the urge to text him everyday... I'm just lost if he ever liked me or just thought I was just a joke.


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  • I know what this is like, and in the end she ended up with someone else. I spent 6 years not moving past this 1 girls who I thought still had feelings for me. Do not spend your time waiting on someone who can't be there for you. You guys seems like maybe you could end up together, mainly due to the fact that he is close to your family in some way. I wouldn't ever text a girl I liked in some way to "just be friends" unless I really though it was over. I'm not trying to sound mean, but you should focus on other guys. You age is not a factor at all I promise you, something else is going on that only he knows. I don't think you should wait for a man who doesn't want you equally.

    • like told people he feels a connection than doesn't feel one and just now doesn't talk to me at all but meanwhile he wants to hang out and talk still but neither of us made that extra mild step.

    • but gahhhhh it says i really want him still, and i don't think i can just be his friend and hang out with him just like that without wanting more.

    • But his not about hooking up, he wants either a fling or long term so I don't know why his ignoring me

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  • Not worth it.


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  • i dont think u were a joke i think you just invested to much time into someone who isn't right for you, he took advantage of a drunk girl, wanting it or not still messed up so u might be dodging a bullet

    • he even told our mutual friends that he was really into me the other times we hung out and even before I got a little white girl wasted, and he constantly told everybody we will end up together in a long term relationship. Even when we weren't drinking he held my hand and did all the rights and said the right things and had me come over and meet his parents etc etc. And his the type of person who doesn't care about hooking up, he likes settling to one girl at a time versus a bunch of girls at once. But do you think would we hang out or talk again?

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    • like he tells me to move on but keeps me trapped :/

    • then move on, keep him and situations involving him away from urself

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