Guys, how does this sound for a girl?

She has dark hair, white, is not too short nor tall, is fit, and has a good share of curves. She also has a few tattoos.

Her personality includes being open minded, always wanting to learn new things, has a great sense of humor, full of wit, a bit of a flirt, has a tomboyish edge, able to stick up for herself and those she cares about, very smart, a and caring.

She loves being active, such as working out, playing certain sports, biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Her music taste includes metal (her favorite genre), rock, punk, hardcore, rockabilly, goth, industrial, electronic, folk, blues, jazz, classical, experimental, and good hip hop and country.

She loves all kinds of movies, including horror, sci-fi, action, comedy, and lots more.

She's also a gamer. She has a high end gaming PC, as well as several game consoles. She plays many different types such as action, shooting, platforming, fighting, RPGs, racing, strategy, etc.

She likes other things like TV shows, cartoons, books, comics, anime, manga, art, animals, tasty food, MMA, wrestling, smoking weed, and fantasy.


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  • Judging this person who you said you made up...
    The only things that kind of make me go "ehh" are the smoking weed and tattoos (mostly the smoking weed). That may prove to be a problem if there is a dependance on it.

    --The really cool thing about her in my opinion would be the music. It is pretty rare for me to find someone who likes metal/rock/punk in my social circle. They all listen to pop/hip-hop/rap.
    --Personality is pretty much spot on perfect for me.
    --Being active is really cool. We could theoretically run together or whatever
    --I love watching horror movies, so her movie taste is a plus.
    --I don't play as many video games as I used to, but ehh I'll count it as a plus
    --TV Show, watches anime, animals, fellow artist, all are pluses.

    If I heard all this though, I'd probably question how genuine she is. She seems almost too good to be true. She basically likes all music. She basically likes all movies. She basically plays all types of games and likes all types of games. She is active. She has all the positive personality traits and non of the negative ones. She has tons of extracurricular activities. I've never seen someone in my life so, whats a good word... diverse?

    • I always like when girls are diverse. Also, she may like rap too, but the old school/underground kind, like Wu Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and House of Pain.

    • Also, maybe she wouldn't actually smoke weed, but could be an advocate of weed. Also, she could just have one tattoo on her shoulder, nothing too over the top.

    • Tattoos aren't really a problem for me.
      I can deal with people who are advocates of weed. While I'm a big advocate myself, it doesn't bother me if someone is one.

      Tattoos and weed aren't really deal breakers tho unless they are extreme.

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  • This is literally what I’d want, except for the weed part saying as I’m underage (maybe she could introduce me to it later on idk) and the tattoos, I have nearly the same taste in music, and like most of the shit she likes, and love a tomboyish behavior, it’s fucking amazing.

  • The fact you're asking this is just wrong, you need to work out if you like her, and quite frankly not give a shit what anyone else thinks!!!

  • Sounds like many, many guys' idea of a great girl. :)

    Weed and tasty food are always a good combination.

  • Best girl ever!

  • Sounds perfect

  • I'm not going out with a criminal. Weed smokers and all drug users are assholes in action, as Frank Zappa liked to say.


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