This is getting irritating, This chick is playin hard to get, BUT I WANT HER Tho, trying to figure out what to do cause I dont usually play this game?

I met this girl, she cool, sweet, no kids. she got 2 jobs... a week later i took her out to eat, etc. .. we had fun,.. i suggested the things we should do next time,.. im taking it slow.. so we will text here and there, she will ask me relationship questions to see where my head at, while texting sometimes in mid conversation, she'll stop responding out the blue... i dont say nothin, she does that a lot tho. some time pass, so one night i tell her i got this new jeep, im a pick you up in the morn so we can ride out, she say kool ill see u in the morn, 30min later she text i might have to do a rain check, family emergency.. i say aight.. been like 2 days wit no communication, she text me sayin hey you, then we text for a bit.. every once in a while i might text her a goodmornimg,.. and she will never say nothing.. now i know she busy but DAMN... tried to call her later on in the day, she texted back sayin i call u on my lunch break,. I say aight.. she never did that...2days later she called me sayin i know i been acting strange, but thats how it is when u gotta take care of buisness, its nothing personal.. after that convo 4days pass then she call me sayin "Im going to be off tommorow, just wanna know if u wanna do somethin" i say cool i got you, she say "great ill get in touch wit you sometime in the morn" she never did that... so i called her around the evening, afternoon and night, 3 times all together to see wassup or what happen,.. never got back to me,. i know she pushed the reject button after the first or 2 rings, i can tell. WHAT DO I DO AFTER ThIS? she must be playin a game or some shit, cause on that first date she did tell me that the last guy she talked to didn't work out cause he wasn't initiative and couldnt handle a CHALLENGE, smh this must be it.. what to do, i know must of y'all gone say move on.. i dont want to just yet, i want a solution, i want this chick, if it gets too tiring, then im out, cause she's on some childish shit fo real


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  • She has 2 jobs. SHE'S BUSY. You just met so you aren't gonna be her first priority. she doesn't really know you that well and she has other shit going on most likely. Keep trying with this girl. For all you know, she pushed the reject button because she was trying to sleep, or busy and forgot to call you back. Normally i would not tell a guy to chase a woman who isn't interested in him, but I think this girl is not being childish i think she has some interest she is just busy.

    • So from what i said, you honestly dont think she playin hard to get in some type of form?

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