How to deal with a stressful work situation, please help?

I work as an Aide in a Special Ed. room, and there's another Aide in the room, whose son volunteers in the same room. We were both flirting with each other for a few days, before I told myself I needed to stop before things got going (He's going to be a Junior in High-School, I'm going to be a Freshman in College, there's no way this could end well). So he messaged me one night telling me that his whole family was telling him to ask me out on a date and how he was so sorry if his Mom came up to me and told me about it; I told him to tell his family that I wasn't really looking for anything because I'm going off to College. All he said was "Oh, okay" in response. So then the next day he completly avoided me, like went into a different room, no eye contact. Then he messaged me saying that he wasn't hitting on me , and that he still wants to be friends. So I said okay, and that I wanted to be friends too. Then he waits a few hours before telling me that "Just so you know, your Mom told my Mom that you liked me", which my Mom never said to his Mom; all my Mom said was that I thought he was cute. So I just told him I didn't know that. Then today he messaged me again, asking if it was true (about me liking him), and I told him that I think he's cute and nice but I'm not starting anything before college. He responded with "I know that, and I don't want too, I was just asking if it was true because I just want to be friends". and I was just like "I want to be just friends too". About an hour later, he messages me again, asking again if my Mom said that I liked him, and I just told him that I didn't know, and that my Mom hadn't said anything to me. He read it but didn't respond. Everything at work is extreamly awkward now, because not only does this guy know, but so does his Mom, another Aide and another Volunteer, ad they've all begun just ignoring me. I feel really outcasted. I'll take responsability for some of this, but he was also hardcore flirting with me too, but now he's completly denying that he ever did. How can I diffuse the situation, and make this less awkward for me? Help please.


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