Poll: Looks or Personality?

Feel free to comment as to why.
  • 50% Looks; 50% Personality
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  • Looks are waaaay more important
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  • Personality is waaaay more important
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  • Looks are slightly more important
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  • Personality is slightly more important
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  • Neither matter to me
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Looks are what we notice first. The personality comes after we like what we see.

    • Thank you! Finally someone said it! So which did you choose on the poll?

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    • naw, he's too hot not to want to f*ck. As long as he didn't talk.. it would be fine XD

    • I agree with this one hundred percent.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I can't go without either. No looks bad sex life in relationship. No personality we can't even be friends.

  • I accidently hit "Looks are waaaay more important" instead of "Personality is waaaay more important".

    • Lol suuuure

    • I did. Looks really aren't that important to me. I mean yeah, good looks are a bonus, but often easily overruled by their personality.

    • Its a 60% looks 40% personality for me

  • i voted personality is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more important


What Guys Said 3

  • "Looks are waaaay more important" as in 98% of importance while personality, on the other hand, only makes of 2% of importance when it comes to a girl in my mind. Since I can get along with almost anyone who isn't a stuck up #BITCH because of my versatile yet laid back personality. i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    My girl is an extension of me so if and when I do have a girl you can bet your ass most of my homies are going to say "damn bruh that's you? How you get with her?" because not only is she's hot "she knows it" HAHA. Heck, they kinda expect nothing less of me when it comes to the girls that I go after because they know I'm not settling for less as a #eyes man at that ^_^.

    I just like to make people jealous + I love the attention that'll get in public with a cute girl + I'm #shallow but hey what can i say that's what I'm accustom to dating #CantBeUgly <3

  • Looks get the first three dates. Personality get the next 500.

  • A good combination is ideal.

    • Yes thats true. So 50/50?

    • For me it's more like 65% looks and 35% personality but don't ever discount personality. Everyone will get ugly someday. It's the personality that will matter more then. If you're looking for a hookup, then i'd say focus on looks. If you're looking for a wife or soemthing long term, put more eggs in the personality basket.

    • Yea definitely a wife man. Thats why its 60% looks and 40% personality for me

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