Guys, Why so pushy?

So, there a guy I sort of became friends with through a mutual friend. We hadn't actually met up until recently, and before we ever did he started commenting on how cute he thinks I am, and that I'm a lot of what he's looking for in a girl... I told him that it takes me time to really get to know someone to even THINK or feel anything romantic. He said "I understand" and I just sorta brushed it off. Then he starts asking if I like him. Mind you, still haven't met and our texts were all like.. Small talk, nothing deep, I STILL feel like I don't know him that well. So he asks to hangout, it was real chill and I had fun. I told him I'm not looking for a relationship that I just want to get to know him and be friends. Every time we've interacted since he's been like "so, do you like me yet?", "you're really cute". Calling me "baby" and "sweetheart." This guy just doesn't get it... What's up?


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  • My sister has this issue with guys, I want to choke the life out of nearly ever guy that looks at her because they all sound like rapists lol. That being said I'm sure he is just inexperienced and hasn't had much in the way of a woman's interest.

    Sit him down and tell him
    1. If you want to be my friend, respect my boundaries
    2. I'm not looking for a relationship WITH YOU
    3. I'm not interested in anything sexual WITH YOU
    very important to say "with you" in both unless you actually are interested

    If any guy hears this kind of thing it is going to seem grim, but you need someone who is mature enough to deal with your needs. I swear guys who don't have women involved in their life never seem to respect them enough.

    To answer your question... Inexperience

    • I agree with what you said, but I would mod this statement:
      "I swear guys who don't have women involved in their life never seem to respect them enough."
      "I swear guys who don't have women involved in their life never seem to respect their boundaries enough."

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  • Ummm, I don't know if you're implying that that's just how guys are but if you are then that statement is false. I'd have given you your space if I was in that situation. I think he just lacks the capacity to take a hint and probably took this as your mutual friend "hooking you guys up." His brain is in date mode and he doesn't seem to realize that he needs to snap out of it.

    • No! I'm not at all implying all men are this way!! Lol just this one, and I wanted a guy's opinion on the situation.

    • Lol oh ok good but yea like I said. I've been in a similar situation before, I had one of my mom's friends try to hook me up with her daughter. She saw that we had a lot in common and thought I was attractive so she gave me her Facebook. We talked a bit but she was being extremely distant and outright told me she's not looking for a relationship so I backed off. This guy doesn't really seem to know how to take a hint. He probably just hasn't had many opportunities like these so he doesn't want to "give up"

  • He wants to date you. And more. Consider if you want the same.
    Bear in mind that sex will be very much on his mind with you.
    If he is not getting the picture, he basically wants you to give him a chance and is more interested in dating you than being your friend.

  • Sometimes we just want the girl, i never harrased her like that but i tired for 2 years to get this one girl and she went for my best friend, we feel some girls are just worth the investment, but what his doing is a little creepy. Maybe threaten to block him

  • By being pushy we can find out if you're just leading us on just in case something better comes around. If you aren't receptive after a while, we usually move on and cut ties.

    We push and push until you cave in or throw a hissy fit. Either way, we invest less time and then can utilize the time saved to find someone that is interested and won't waste our time.

  • When we like someone, we are pushy. I know this myself. At least i get pushy when i feel nothing else is working.

  • You don't understand he wants you to like him.

    • No.. I definitely understand that lol. But I told him from the get go that we would strictly be friends; that I wasn't interested in dating. Lol

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