Why is "traditional" dating so misconstrued?

It made more sense back in the past for a guy paying for the date and to ask out on a date because the guy was the one that made more money or made all of the money. Women were usually homemakers and if they did have a job, it paid less than what guys made, even if it was for the same work. Now the misconception is that guys in the past were solely doing all of this to be a "gentleman" or a "real" man or because they wanted to , but in reality they HAD to because they were usually the ones with the money. Now fast forward into the present day. Women are now making just as much money and there's a lot of women making more money than a lot of guys and that's a good thing because equality is good. Now even though this is happening, women never had to give up their advantage in the dating game unless they choose to. They can rest assure knowing that equality in dating will never have to become a social norm. Thoughts?


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  • I think that it is changing. For the most part, guys still generally pay for the first date, but I think it's becoming more and more common to take turns after that or to split cheques.

    Personally, my rule for first dates is whoever asks pays. If the guy asked, I will usually offer to help with the cheque or at least feign grabbing for my wallet, just to be polite, but I do expect that he will pay if he's the one who asked me out, and it is a bit of a turn off if he doesn't. However, I have asked guys out before and turned down their offer to pay, by saying "I asked you out, my treat!" or someting along those lines.

    • Yea I always hear that from women , but for some reason only on here.

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  • Recently, the world, has been shifting into a new form of independence. This independence of women has it's upsides and downsides. Girls still want a traditional gentleman who's willing to pay for the check, but don't be surprised if the selfis... independent girl wants to pay for herself. You still should be respectful and remember the most important thing: she went on a date with you. Yes, she paid for herself, but don't let it emasculate you. Women are stronger today so if she's going out with you, it's more so that she really wants to. Don't give up and just be really relaxed and she'll love it.

    note: my ex used that term all the time 'independent' so I teased too much by saying it's another word for selfish. Nothing serious, just for fun ;)


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  • You don't have a gun to your head forcing you to ask them out or go on a date where you have to pay for them.

    • Sure but if you want to date and have a girlfriend, you better be willing to do that. Otherwise you will be sol unless you just luck up.